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Roles & Services

Endowments and Donor Services - We help connect people who care with things that matter by providing donors with a broad variety of interests a flexible and cost effective vehicle for carrying out their charitable objectives, regardless of the size of their donation.  

Stewardship - The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and oversees the investment and management of charitable funds for individuals, families, non-profit organizations and corporate donors.  Although these monies are pooled for investment purposes, each of the component funds within the Foundation retains its unique identity and charitable intent as specified by the donor.

Grantmaking - We will distribute funds in the Portage area in support of Arts and Culture, Education, Community Development, and Health and Human Services through our various grantmaking mechanisms and programs.

Community Initiatives - Positively Portage! helps to identify community needs and partners with others through our grantmaking and community leadership  resources to bring about positive change and to solve problems.


Mission & Vision


To enhance the quality of life in the Portage, WI, area by proactively addressing community needs and expanding, managing, and distributing philanthropic resources.


To be a philanthropic leader as we partner with others to build a stronger Portage community and area.


Thank you for your interest in making a donation to Positively Portage! We are committed to working with donors like you to fulfill your philanthropic dreams and goals. When you choose to donate to Positively Portage!, you create opportunities that touch lives throughout the Portage area. Together we can build a stronger community!

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Positively Portage! (The Portage Area Community Charitable Trust) is a convenient, safe, tax advantaged, permanent charity that will allow donors to help enhance the quality of life in the Portage area. Positively Portage! can be a repository of funds for community organizations, other charitable groups, or for those donors who wish to support a particular area within the Portage community.


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