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Board of Directors

A 7-member volunteer Board of Directors, selected from representatives throughout the greater Portage area, governs the Portage Area Community Charitable Trust.  Directors serve a term of three years and may be renewed for an additional three years.  The Board annually elects two co-presidents, secretary, and treasurer. In addition, the three members of the Investment Committee sit on the board.  The willingness of these able, effective individuals who donate their time and talents for the betterment of the Portage area will enable the Trust to grow and enhance the quality of life for our residents.


Chairperson - Rich Jacobson
Vice-Chairperson - Amanda Weyh Meisner
Treasurer - Shane Schmidt
Ed Steck
Mike Hurd


Thank you for your interest in making a donation to Positively Portage! We are committed to working with donors like you to fulfill your philanthropic dreams and goals. When you choose to donate to Positively Portage!, you create opportunities that touch lives throughout the Portage area. Together we can build a stronger community!

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Positively Portage! (The Portage Area Community Charitable Trust) is a convenient, safe, tax advantaged, permanent charity that will allow donors to help enhance the quality of life in the Portage area. Positively Portage! can be a repository of funds for community organizations, other charitable groups, or for those donors who wish to support a particular area within the Portage community.


The Portage Area Community Charitable Trust
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